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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Black*Rock Shooter Pilot Edition (thoughts and lots of screenshots!)

I am in love with BRS (The PVC should be shipping this month) so don't expect much objectivity here. The DVD comes with a 16pg. artbooklet, a CD of 2M Mix (both Miku and instrumental versions), and of course the DVD with the 90 second promo video in three flavors, original/Instrumental, 2M Mix (Hatsune Miku), and 2M Mix Instrumental. 2M mix stands up as a instrumental piece better than the original but I don't have much preference between vocal versions, the original is beautiful but 2M mixes with the sound effects of the anime much better. If I was just going to listen to BRS I'd choose the original but for this DVD I generally prefer 2M vocal :)

So here is some comparisons to the (longer) original PV (above):

The obvious difference between the openings is BRS-san is not in the picture ^^;

BRS-san with her sword in the checkered tunnel. No total match on this shot but shes obviously moving and jumping so that's to be expected :)

Now for some original shots! Part of me thinks they should get Saki Fujita to play BRS-san because we all associate this work so closely with Miku.

Magical Girl Transformation GO!

Normally, I would take case shots and whatever but its pretty typical packaging. If you want to see the artbook still has this amazing disc in stock (and blu-ray versions too if thats your thing).

NOTE: I reported this disc was Region free since it uh... says region ALL on it. And on the case. But my internal drive is reporting region 2. I didn't notice yesterday because I was importing the CD from my internal (R1) while watching the movie on my external (R2). Sorry Folks

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