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Saturday, August 1, 2009

SUGURI Perfect Edition

SUGURI Perfect Edition

My latest time suck :)

Anyhow, Suguri is a hella hard shoot em' up game and Acceleration of Suguri is a one on one fighting game (with similar flying and projectiles). Both of these are in the Suguri Perfect Edition as well as some other goodies (expansions and soundtracks). AoS also features net play. Both games have fully translated interfaces as you can see so no worries. The soundtracks are worth loading to one's iPod. Trance X3

Really quite fun stuff from a new doujin game translator Rockin Android. I met these guys at SDCC and they're all super nice people so give the game a shot :)

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Jon Fawkes said...

it is a super fun game :D second on the support them