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Friday, July 3, 2009

Region 2 Drive GET!

My apple default drive is in perfect condition for warranty sake and I now have a spiffy Lite-On eSAU208-11 DVD burner for 65$ + tax. Its an expensive rape fee to pay just to watch legally acquired discs but having two drives for disc copying is nice. Reads fine off 1 USB port and even has a data pass through connector.

Oh and it does LightScribe which I love but I probably have to go Windows for that. (Maybe not) Came with some Windows software too (I'll never use it but)

This was a gamble as the box said Windows Windows Windows but it was a Lite-On and not badly priced so I took the risk (and kept the receipt!).

Now to rewatch all my R2 anime that I had to acquire crappy fansubs for.


Kuroi said...

It's awesome that you have an R2 drive to watch everything on! I used to have an R2 ps2 to watch stuff on but I don't have it anymore. lol What are you gonna watch first?

Jyuichi said...

Saikano live-action movie ^^

Kuroi said...

Gah! I'm so jealous!