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Monday, February 23, 2009

Doujin Games and Apple Photo Books

Well my photo book orders from Apple came today! I ordered 3 of a photo book of my trip to Japan (for various family members) and 1 personalized copy of the same book (for my grandma). Very nice books, very nice packaging. Up to two books fit in each gray Apple box (see below) so I received 3 nice boxes total in two shipments (personalized was shipped separately but came the same day) I also previously ordered a card to match the book for my grandma and it too was printed quite nice.

My family's personal copy of the book in front of the three boxed copies to send out. (the yellow stickies are added by me, not Apple). I adore the strong boxes Apple provides, they are reinforced on the sides and look just as nice as the iPod or other product packaging despite being for an outsourced (Kodak?) minor product line. To the side are the two doujin games by Champange I ordered from Himeya on their EMS mailing envelope. I'm quite excited to try these out later tonight.

A close up on a page, we took all the photo's ourselves.

Some cute teddy bears that have nothing to do with anything. The brown one is from Borders and the little white one was a Valentines gift. She's my nicest bear :3

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