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Saturday, April 30, 2011

One volume of Jump, 100 smiling people.

This is a 30 minute translation and I am still a student. Please verify anything you want to cite, this is for interest/convenience only.

Original :

And here's a pic of that copy of SHONENJUMP! It has been... on Twitpic

At a Sendai bookstore that can't receive new magazine shipments, one volume of Weekly Shonen Jump as been read by over 100 children. This single precious copy was a gift from a customer. Being able to continue with popular manga has calmed children and brought smiles to their faces.

After the disaster, in the midst of many closed bookstores, the Shiogawa bookstore in Aoba ward near Itsuhashi station on the north-south subway line has reopened after 14 days with only its existing stock. But customers come looking for new magazines and the shopkeeper Mr. Yuuichi Shiogawa (47) has had to tell them "We have none. There are no plans for stock shipments." He mentioned that when he reported that they did not have Shogakuan's "Korokoro Comic" a young child began to cry.

What many people want to read is the popular manga One Piece and other titles serialized in Shueisha's Jump. One male customer that absolutely wanted to read Jump went to the neighboring Yamagata prefecture and returned with one copy he had finished.
"Shonen Jump issue 16 from 3/19 can be read here!! We only have one copy" Shiogawa posted a sign at the shop and the information spread by word of mouth. He says that children have come over 10 km by bike to line up and wait for a chance to read the magazine.

Holding the battered Jump in his hands, Kouki Sawada was relieved, "I went around to many bookstores but not one had it." His friend Takashi Hasegawa (13) read One Piece twice carefully and was overjoyed, "I am at ease now, I'm glad I was able to continue reading it".

Mr Shiogawa said "People don't want to see the miserable images on TV and the number of parents looking for children's books and picture books has grown. Of course we must consider the necessities of life first but I think providing books for children is important too." The next issue comes out on 4/4.


Kayla said...

That's pretty amazing. Soemtimes I find myself complaining when Borders doesn't have the translated Shonen jump here in America, but I find myself humbled by this. I wonder if publsihing companies or bookstores are having similar problems following the tragedy in Japan. If so, I wonder if I can donate older Shonen Jump magazines. Nonetheless, great translation.

The Admin said...

i could imagine how desperate it would feel like for not able to read one piece for a long time ....