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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A loss to our community...

Though I have been working on longer posts, I find myself updating this blog unexpectedly today. Some of you may remember Champange, a Japanese doujin circle I'm a fan of and have mentioned here before (see tagged posts). I had just ordered their latest work from Himeya, and that is what brought me to the website. An update on their homepage was added last week with some bad news. It seems that their programmer Furamen (literal romanization) passed away in a traffic accident. While this is a great loss to us fans, my heart is with his friends and family who surely are suffering in this difficult time. That being said, the circle has decided to continue producing works, feeling he would not want them to stop because of him. You can read the post here (in Japanese of course).

Those interested in the circle's products can buy them at the English DLsite. Most works do not require significant Japanese knowledge. Titles are released on CD first via the usual doujin shops but can be found at Himeya, of course doujin titles are not reprinted often so only the latest titles can be bought on CD. Personally, my top recommendation would be Little Royale EX, a fighting action game (the extra yen is worth it over the regular version for the save mechanism).

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