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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iCame, iSaw, iPad

Ok you can go read about the iPad on if you have been in a cave and don't know what it is. Millons of bloggers has described what it does and I'm not going to repeat them (except worse) here.

Here's what I want to know before March:
  • Textbooks! Steve said "We are very excited about textbooks as well" This is the primary appeal the iPad has to me. How can I get my hundreds of dollars and tens of pounds of textbooks on this little device. If not from Apple, CourseSmart has promised tablet textbook support and even made a mock up. Textbooks are the main reason I would want a iPad.
  • Tethering: I pay AT&T 30$ a month for 3G on my iPhone. Let me tether a iPad to it if your not willing to allow full computers. Preferably tethering over Wi-Fi or bluetooth so I don't need to blow an extra 130$ on a 3G chip. Hell I'll plug the iPad into the phone if that's what it takes.
  • iTunes Extras/LPs: Just make 'em work on the iPad. There is no excuse.
  • Student Discount?????????? Pretty Pwease??

To be honest multitasking isn't a huge dealbreaker for me because I would buy the iPad for educational use. Its probably good the device doesn't let me have 50 windows/programs open when I'm trying to study.

Some features I think would be cool to have in the iPad (but don't count on it):
  • Plug your iPhone into the iPad and play media off the phone. Why should I carry two portable devices with my full library on them? this would be great to play someone else's iPod on the iPads larger screen easily.
  • Flash? Please?
  • Function as a secondary monitor to one's mac when docked. Its a big beautiful screen and this would sell tons of docks.
  • LogMeIn for iPad. Like LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone but on a useable screen size.
  • It should make toast. Apple devices do get very hot so this is not as far-fetched as you might hope.
  • hulu. Seriously, make an app hulu, just make a frigging app. I am the point where I will PAY for it.
  • The rumored apple tv show subscription would be nice too.

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