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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cute Things looking Cute

Also, World is Mine Miku is on her way so expect a post soon.


Yagami said...

@anon Their bending over backwards to make up for not being clear and you respond with snide remarks? If you’re so sore over KK go complain to the government to get some proper free speech protections in place. Yes censorship is bad but JAST is trying to keep them and you safe from legal repercussions.

Fuck you with your hide moralism,if as to for censoring the loli scenes in Kazoku Keikaku would be better don't releases the visual novel as well -.-

Jyuichi said...

You come to harass me on my blog because the comment thread was closed? Really, I'm honored. Are you the same Yagami thats posting so frequently over on MangaGamer's staff blog?

I disagree however that the censoring on KK made it unfit to bring to market. They removed no story elements, (unlike Hirameki's edits or proposed Soul Link edits) so the game is still very close to intended. I much prefer what JAST did over canceling the release entirely and while they could have been more communicative about the changes they clearly are attempting to address this.

And what's "hide moralism"?