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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Manga artist combats bootleggers - English朝日新聞社):Manga artist combats bootleggers - English

I find this to be a interesting article not because of anything Rumiko Takahashi has done but because of this descriptor : "unscrupulous translators who upload low-quality manga bootlegs". This is so different to how American "fans" describe the "service" these "fan translators" do to the "community" particularly the claim that "scanlations help a series grow a fandom and sell better".

The Japanese (news and mangaka alike) sure don't seem to agree. And its their manga.

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baka0001 said...

It must be difficult because scanlators or whatever are basically giving out free mangas to people who does not read or understand japanese but the mangas grow more fanbase and popularity.

It can go either way.