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Monday, April 28, 2008

Alicemagic: Final Translation and Lyric Analysis

I have a somewhat final translation of Alicemagic now. I managed to transform this in to an English assignment so I also wrote a page or so briefly analyzing the lyrics, mostly connecting to other works by the same writer (Little Busters! namely Komari's route to be precise). If you don't want complete spoilers on Komari's route please do not read the lyric analysis... it's fairly boring anyhow. XP

Link to PDF
Text Only with out the boring academic stuff. (Formatted for iPod)

Formatted for iPod means the the three sections are well sections not line by line english-romaji-japanese as I find that very irritating to read on an iPod. Copy and paste this all in your favorite text editor. Save and put in the Notes folder for older iPods or whatever you do for the newer ones (its in iTunes I think.)

If anyone knows a lyrics site this would be useful to be posted on leave a comment and I'll take care of it ASAP


Anonymous said...

Isn't Alicemagic also Haruka's theme song? (Sorry if you haven't read her route yet) I'd like to hear your views on it if you have, however.

Jyuichi said...

Haruka and Komari yep. I haven't had time to play Haruka's route yet though

Anonymous said...

Oh. But...well, I won't spoil it for you. Enjoy yourself, anyway. Komari and Haruka's routes are what I would call the "girl and her tragic past" route.

Roll said...

Thanks for this! But hey, can you please re-upload the pdf?